Vaggelis Patseas

Vaggelis Patseas was born in 1971 in Almiros, magnisia, Greece. Professional potter since 1998 he had several exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions through the years.

In 2006 he constructed 27 ceramic figures (70cm height) themed “professions of older times”, as a permanent exhibition for the Museum of folk craft of the merchant association of Livadia.

Sharing time between Rethymno and Volos, Vaggelis Patseas actively participates in the big carnival festivals in both cities constructing floats for the parade and large figures for street display made from a variety of materials.

Samples of his always evolving and interesting work you can see at our page.

Maria Petratou

Pictures of all the unique items from Maria Petratou’s collection that are available at the moment, can be sent to you at your request by e-mail, including details for size and price of each one.

Irini Lakka

She was born in 1973. Her hometown is Coucourava -Volos area-.

She is an accoplished artist in both painting and sculpture.

Eirhnh Lakka was between the founders of the artistic events which took place in Volos. She made the costumes and the instruments (hand-made) for a musical. She also did a course of seminars for children back at ’99. She participated in several exhibitions that took place in the following years 1997, 1998 and 1999. Since 1995 she has her own workshop.

Michalis Bekris

Michalis Bekris, one of the first ceramists to use traditional clay and patterns of pottery in a premium quality handmade and handpainted way that can be used safely on everyday life. Red Cretan clay. Firing temperature: 980° C, Led free and cadmium free glaze, happy designs and uplifting colors, and also dish wash safe.


Looking for the kind of dimension that would allow me to give the spiritual elements that interest me, I created simple forms that depict human figures. Plain in appearance exempted from facial characteristics, hair splitting, but also with expression in their body.

Behind from the simple lines and clear colours one can see the charm and melancholy from a past era that anyone has in his sub-concious. Looking at the figures we can recognise something from our childhood innocence.

In addition to the human figures, I craft handy and decorated objects according to RAKU technique. What induced me in this technique is the creation of unique pieces, each one with each own personality and aesthetic value.

Stella Nedoglou

Stella Nedoglou was Born in Thessaloniki in 1976. She graduated from the School of Ceramics – Pottery K.E.T.E.K. Oraiokastrou 1998 and since 2001 she has her own laboratory in Oreokastro Thessaloniki.

She has taught students of Anatolia College (2000), as rapporteur of the 2nd Symposium of Ceramists (Radovlicja, Slovenia 2007), in adult and children’s sections of municipality of Thessaloniki (2008-2010) and has worked as an educator in practice in two employment and vocational training programs (2007.2008). She has also taken part in three symposia of Slovainon-Turkish Greek-Italian pottery in the Radovlicja Slovainia in eight group exhibitions and has also completed two solo exhibitions.

In 1997 she was a founding member of the puppet-theatrical black theater group Hocus Pocus.

All her pottery is handmade and handpainted, glazed with non toxic glaze and also diswashable.

Vayia Reppa

Born in Athens in 1971.

After her studies in ceramics has her own personal workshop since 1995.

Gerontara Eugenia

Eugenia, makes illustrations of everything she loves, music, people, love… All these items made by her hands, dishwasher safe and microwave safe will be shipped with love to you!Eugenia Gerontara In 2007 she exhibited her creations in the Worldfineart gallery in N.York and during the same year she presented her work on the web page.www.euartmuseum.euas a member of the Greek painter’s society. In 2009 she received positive reviews by the magazine «spoil me» which characterized her as an upcoming Greek painter.In 2010 she participated in the book of MODERN ART at the Benaki Museum in Athens.

«I am making images to communicate my feelings of the world. art is forever manifesting itself in new forms since there are forever new personalities. if the moment is right the paint itself actually begins to spread itself into forms and the important thing is to be there when the picture is painted..the artist is given the privilege of pointing the way and inspiring towards a better life..»